Monday, March 23, 2015

Pride and Prejudice Dream Come True

Okay, first things first. I need to tell you about Lymepark. It was AMAZING. Wildest dreams, CAME TRUE. There were 12 of us sisters and we had a ball dressing up, walking around, and pretending like we lived in Downton Abbey. It was heaven. Enjoy!

Sister McDonnell and I. This has been our dream for a year! We went on exchange January 2014 and decided we were Pride and Prejudice soul mates. Over a year later our dream of going to Lyme park together came true!

Sister Guymon and I

All of us pretending that we own the place.

This is the group of sisters that I'm going home with. LOVE THEM TO DEATH! We are also all rooming together at Byu-I. It's gonna be madness!

Sister Conlogue and I posing.

Enjoying the grounds with lady Leanne

​Walking around the grounds

​It was SO wonderful and so much fun!

Another very important tidbit of information is that Maryam and Mehdi passed their baptismal interviews on Wednesday! President Ulrich actually did the interview and it was a really great experience. Afterwards Sister Guymon and I got to talk to President for an hour about doctrinal questions we had. Lemme just tell ya, it was really fun. I'm so grateful for him. I'll send a picture of the gang that that has made all of this Maryam and Mehdi miracle possible in a separate email because there is no space in this one!

Mehdi is on the far left with Pasha on his lap, Ramin and Faezeh are together in the back. Malina (their daughter) is in front of them. Maryam is in the center with Parsa on her lap. I'm with Malika (Ramin and Faezeh's daughter) and Sister Guymon is on the far right.

This group of people has made my last month as a missionary more joyful than I ever could imagine. This has been such a fast paced miracle. I can hardly believe how much as happened in just 3 weeks. Maryam and Mehdi are getting baptised this Saturday at 6pm. Sister Guymon and I can't wait and are happy beyond words. 

I just had to share this special picture with all of you.

Another fun event of the week was the eclipse! Sister Guymon and I spend ourFriday morning companionship study outside to catch it! It was neat!

(by the way, I am wearing a skirt under this. I'm not in my pjs. And that Is a PMG in my lap)

Well, that's about it for this week folks. I'm pumped to "hoe to the end of the row" these next 2 weeks. Life is so good. I couldn't be happier or more grateful for my time in the EMM. Love you all to bits!

Sister Bement

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  1. Yay! Oh Jenni I'm so happy you're happy about your mission and everything you've done. Once you get back to Idaho we'll have to visit!!