Monday, March 9, 2015

Another Wonderful Week

Dearest family,

This has been one of the most wonderful weeks of my mission. It truly has! So many spiritual moments and tender mercies. I don't know where to start. I'm just going to start with Monday and go through 'til Sunday!

Monday: All our proselyting plans fell through in the evening. We were basically left with 3 hours to find in the windy cold. We felt a bit down about it, but we ended up deciding to ditch the car and go contact a referral. Well, it's a good thing we did! We knocked on the door and a man popped his head out of the window upstaris. He said, "Are you mormons?" We said yes, not quite knowing if that was a good thing or a bad thing to him. But he said, "Give me one second, I'll come down." When he opened the door we saw one of the saddest people I've ever seen. He looked completely drained of all happiness and light. He told us that he's been divorced, his wife took their kids to Japan, and he is all alone. His name is Pete. He said he was confused about his purpose in life now because for so long it was to protect his children. But now that his children are gone, what's the point to life? He was definietly verging on suicidal. We shared our testimonies about God's love, our divine purpose, and lot's of scriptures from the Book of Mormon. We stood on his doorstep for about 30 minutes. We asked if we could go back the next day and he said yes. We brought Sister Brogan with us Tuesday afternoon and we went in and taught him again. Pete really needs the gospel. His Thursday appointment fell through, but we stopped by again last night and scheduled a new one. Pete is a miracle!

Tuesday: We had a wonderful district meeting at the Lee's! Gotta love our seniour couples. Sister Lee made us homemade mac 'n cheese. SO GOOD. Holy moly. It was a fun district meeting because the Zone leaders AND assistants showed up. They said it was revelation but I'm pretty sure they just heard that Sister Lee was cooking. Here is a pic of the lovely Hyde district+zls+aps!

Wednesday: Temple day! It was so wonderful! Everyone who took President and Sister Ulrich's challenge to exercise 30 minutes everyday for the whole month of January got to go on a special temple trip. It was so special and such a blessing. My times at the Preston temple are numbered so I tried to enjoy every second of it.

Thursday: Chinese Specialised training! Such a good meeting. So, even though President Ulrich told me I should stop studying Chinese a few months ago and I haven't been in a Chinese area for almost 9 months...I still got to go to the Chinese missionary meeting at the mission home. WOOT WOOT. It was SO. GOOD. Why haven't we been having these my whole mission? We talked about how we could help our Chinese Recent Converts stay more active as well as how we can improve our language learning. Basically, in the meeting we developed a program that would last your whole mission to keep you on track learning Chinese. I'm so happy for all the Chinese missionaries in the EMM in the future because, lemme just tell ya, it's gonna be good. During the meeting I couldn't help but start feeling a bit down that I was going to be missing all these changes, but I'm working on accepting it.

This is Sister Chu and me. She is serving in Lancaster right now so we were just talking talking talking before the meeting started. She is so tiny and cute so I thought I'd sit on her.

Friday: Mission Leadership Council with all the District Leaders
This was a powerful meeting! So much fire and inspiration! There are so many exciting things happening in the near future for the EMM. #1 being the iPads coming in May. Yes, May. So I'm mission it. Gah! So I felt a little blue during this meeting as well. It's just hard to know what you are going to miss! 

Here is Sister Guymon and I at MCL.

Saturday: Okay, this was one of the most exciting days of my entire mission! Remember how we found an Iranian family a few months ago? Well, we've been teaching them English on and off since meeting them. We would talk about the gospel and the Book of Mormon as well. But they just weren't too interested. WELL. We went by on Saturday and God had totally prepared them. Maryam has decided that she doesn't like the church she has been going to. She said she wants to try ours. We have a few Iranian members in our ward which has really helped because they are friends with Maryam and Mehdi. They do a lot of fellowshipping without us even there! But anyways, in one visit we changed from teaching them English to Maryam being dated for baptism this month! On Sunday the miracle continues:

Sunday: Maryam, Mehdi, Pasha (baby), and Parsia (6 years old) came to church! And they loved it. Afterwards, Mehdi (in broken Enlgish) was saying to me that Maryam's baptism date was really soon. So I asked him, "is that good or bad?" And he said, "Good good! You come to our house anytime!" So, we are going tonight to start the teaching process. It is going to take a lot of faith and prayer because sadly, Sister Guymon and I just don't speak Farsi! Ramen and Faezeh (Man South members) are going to help us a lot. We are just going to rely on the Spirit and go for it! I'm so happy and so humbled that this miracle has literally just been placed in hands. Being a missionary is the most wonderful thing in the entire world.

Well family, do you see why this was one of the best weeks of my entire mission? I'm so grateful to be here. I hope that all of you have great weeks! Here from ya soon!

Sister Bement

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