Monday, February 23, 2015

A Blessed Week in Manchester

Guess what? I'm staying in Manchester! I'm so excited for another glorious 6 weeks with the Manchester South ward. Sister Bevans on the other hand is moving on for a new adventure. Guess what she gets to do? She's whitewash training/opening an area! She's heading north to Workington. She is going to be absolutely perfect for that little branch. It won't be a branch any more once she's finished.

I'm going to miss Sister Bevans a lot. We really have become the best of friends over these past 2 transfers. But Heavenly Father has spoiled me again by giving me a new wonderful companion. Her name is Sister Guymon. I've been on exchange with her before and she is one my wonderful mission friends already. I just can't think of anything better! Transfers are Wednesday so that's when all the new craziness will begin.

This week has been jam packed with joy. We still did a LOT of finding but we saw a lot of miracles and I personally felt a lot of peace. 2 weeks ago, I'll admit it, I was feeling a bit down. My hope and faith were at pretty low levels. But starting Tuesday morning at a district meeting, everything started looking up again. I love being a part of the Hyde distric. Our district leader (Elder Sidu) felt inspired to ask each of us to share a scripture that has helped get over a hard time in our missions. As all 6 of us went around sharing verses that had been especially comforting to us in a time of need (I shared Alma 17:11) the Spirit filled the room. I was comforted, enabled, and encouraged. I felt so much more capable of doing the work that needed to be done. Elder Bennett also gave me a really powerful blessing. It was actually the best blessing I've ever gotten since the one dad gave me right before I went into the MTC. Heavenly Father told Elder Bennett exactly what I needed to hear at that moment in time. 

Here's a couple pictures of the best district ever.

So, amidst all of our finding efforts this week we met the craziest dog I've ever seen. It looked Jamaican because it was black and had dread locks. It also kept jumping on me and trying to get under my skirt! It wouldn't stop for like 2 minutes (long enough for Sister Bevans to snap a picture apparently. She was really amused). 

We passed our cleaning check and the Elder and Sister Hills brought us chocolate. Have I ever expressed how much I love Senior Couples before? Because, I do. A lot!

Basically, this week has been wonderful. I feel so excited to start this final transfer of my mission. I know that it's going to be the best. I'm so grateful that Sister Guymon is going to be my companion. I know she loves to work hard and have fun-and that's what we are going to do! I love being a missionary. I love it more than I ever hoped or dreamed I would. I can really relate to Ammon when he tells his brethren, "Could we have supposed when we started...that God would grant unto us such great blessings?" (Alma 26:1). That's how I feel. I never could have guessed how great this work is. I can't describe it in words. This next 6 weeks my one goal is CHARITY. If I can finish my mission with a sure knowledge that I'm possessed of this gift, I know that I will have become who Heavenly Father wanted me to become. 

I love you all so much! And miss you like crazy. Hope you have a great week!
Sister Bement

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