Monday, January 19, 2015

Driving and finding

This week has been so eventful because we've been driving sisters to and from the mission home, our flat, other flats, the chapel, the moon, etc. Transfer week is crazy when you are serving in the middle of Manchester! Get this. Tuesdayevening we had 12 sisters total under our roof! Everybody wants to sleep at our house because it is so close to the chapel where transfers happens. It was a blast to be around so many sisters though! Especially because most of them are my best friends! Something really special about that night and morning was getting to spend so much time with Sister Lau before she went home. In the MTC all my teachers told me how big an impact your trainer would have on you but I didn't get it until I said good bye to Sister Lau Wednesday morning. We served a total of 6 months together, a third of our entire missions! That sister means everything to me and I'm so grateful for her.

Despite all the taxiing we had to do this week we also mangaged to find lots of time to FIND FIND FIND. And we saw miracles! Wednesday was SO. COLD. We were looking for a street that a potential investigator gave us and we couldn't find it so we figured they lied to us which was really annoying. BUT. Then out of nowhere this little family walks by. We started talking to them and find out they are from Iran! We told them we could help them with their English so they walked with us about 5 minutes to where they live and invited us in. They gave us fruit and let us get warm. We told them we were missionaries and they said they are already Christian and that is one reason why they came to England-so they could worship the way they wanted. They are going to a Protestant church. We set up a time to go back on Saturday and we brought Faezeh (one of the assistants recent converts) with us. On Saturday Faezeh was a life savor! She explained our purpose in Farsi and really connected with this cute little family! They didn't come to church on Sunday and I don't think their progression will be very fast, but for some reason I am full of love for this cute little family that was so kind to Sister Bevans and I. We are going again this Friday and they are making us Iranian food! I'm super excited!

The greatest miracle of all though this week is Robert. I've mentioned him a few times before I think. The past 3 weeks he has changed SO MUCH. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is alive and well in the life of Robert Erwin. When we met Robert he was a really dedicated spiritualist. He loved meditating and enjoyed the intense spiritual experiences he had when he did. Especially because he felt like it connected him to his wife who passed away just a few months ago. Sister Bevans and I were really weary of all of this because we know it is a commandment to pray to the Father in the name of Jesus Christ and that any other form of spiritual communication can be a bit misleading and even dangerous. But at the same time we were very aware that this was a big part of Robert's life and we didn't want to hurt him by telling him that if he believed everything we were teaching, he would need to stop communicating with any people or spirits other than Heavenly Father. So we've been praying and praying that somehow Robert could come to this conclusion on his own. And guess what?! On Friday we taught Robert a lesson in a members home all about prayer and how the Saviour taught us to pray. We were really forward that any communication with someone other than Heavenly Father wasn't appropriate. And you know what he said? "I actually haven't been to my spiritualist church in 2 weeks. Whenever I've gotten ready to go, I just didn't feel like going. So I didn't. And the last time I was there I had a really neat experience. I heard a voice that said, 'hearing from your ancestors might be good, but it still is nothing compared to the word of God'. Ever since I've met you two I just haven't really felt the need to meditate." WOW! The Lord really has been teaching Robert! It just goes to show that it's actually the Lord who brings people into his church (Acts 2:47). We are just instruments in his hands. Robert wants to be baptized on Feb. 7th. JOY! 

Another miracle of this week is my ankle. On Thursday morning Sister Bevans and I went running and I slipped on some ice. I twisted my ankle pretty bad and it got really swollen. But somehow, we didn't have to take any time off from proselyting. The rest I was able to give it during studies and meal times was somehow enough to help it heal and now it's totally normal. I'm so grateful!

Well, that is my week lovely family! I'm so happy to be in the Manchester South ward with the lovely Sister Bevans. We are having so much fun together and feeling the true joy of missionary work. 

Have a great week everyone! Love you!
Sister Bement

P.S here is a random picture of me holding a hamster.

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