Friday, November 14, 2014

Rachel's Baptism and Finding Investigators

Dearest family,

I don't even know where to begin this week. The past 72 hours have been so miraculous and I'm full to the brim with gratitude and praise for Heavenly Father. First things first, Rachel's baptism!

Sister Dushku was able to come back which was so wonderful. Just like old times :) But the baptisms itself was also absolutely wonderful! Rachel looked beautiful on this day she has been working towards for months. Everything went smoothly (Sister Nelson and I even managed to fill up the font on our own despite the lack of faith of the Elders) and the ward came and supported her. As Sister Dushku says, I will praise God forever for letting me know Rachel Mason!

Friday was Mission Leadership Council (or mission prom as I like to call it. Everyone is looking their best!) It was interesting because all the District Leaders came as well. So there were like 50 million elders and only 6 sisters. It was intimidating at first...not gonna lie. But after a couple hours I got used to it. Although, the sisters still isolated themselves during lunch at a table in a corner. :)

BUT, the main point is that I learned a lot at mission leadership council! I learned that I haven't been planning as effectively as I should and that I simply waste a lot of time throughout the week. I also was just spiritually rejuvenated and had the strength to repent and start anew.  

So, to show Heavenly Father that we valued the revelation he gave us, Sister Nelson and I started to pray, plan, and FIND. President Ulrich wants us to spend less time calling by less actives and more time actually finding. So we took out our map and prayed about where we should go the next day. Sister Nelson felt prompted to go to a certain street. 

The next day we went and found a new investigator! The first new investigator I have had in TWO WEEKS. We were overjoyed and so grateful! Saturday night we did it again, prayed over a map and waited for revelation. Sunday morning, in one hour we found TWO MORE NEW INVESTIGATORS. The whole time I've been in South Ribble I thought Sunday morning was a useless time to tract. Well, I was WRONG! If the Lord is guiding you, anytime works! 

But the miracles don't stop! Sunday night we had about an hour left to go finding in the darkness (a time I also previously believed was ineffective). The 4th or 5th door we knocked on was this cute young couple who we taught for about 30 minutes. We shared the restoration with them and they said they didn't really believe it, but for some reason they still want us to come back to share more. When we walked away Sister Nelson and I did the biggest happy dance/ hug ever and prayed right there on the street to thank God for the miracles we had seen. 

I've never seen this in South Ribble before! Heavenly Father really rewarded our efforts and ended the investigator famine we were in! I'm SO PUMPED for this next week! The Lord really IS preparing people. This is HIS work, and we just have to tap into a little revelation to know where we need to be.

That's about it for the week, folks! Here is a little picture of our district meeting on Tuesday. It's not centered because the camera was on self timer and everyone moved. So sorry. And yes, I think we have the largest district of all time. But it's the best!
I love you all! I hope everything is well and that this week will be a happy one for all of you. Miss you!
Sister Bement

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