Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Beautiful Reunions and Scenery

Hello my beautiful family!

Okay, I don't have that much time, but I want to try and communicate how great this week was.

First of all, we had a really good specialised training zone meeting on Friday. I just absolutely loved it! It pumped me up to keep being obedient, keep finding, and have higher faith that there are people out there who want our message. Here is a couple pics of the meeting.

Sister Jordan is another Chinese speaking missionary. We matched so obviously had to document it.

Sister Nelson and me :)

Also, we have an investigator who is in love with Donny Osmond. And her whole life she has wanted to meet him. And then, funnily enough, a month after she met us there was a cd signing in Manchester that she could go to. So what did she do? She brought her Book of Mormon and asked him to sign it! Isn't that great!!! He actually signed it although she said he was kinda awkward about it. Oh well, the Book of Mormon is true!

I asked her if I could send you this one too. Isn't that great!!

Also, Sister Nelson and I took a walk last p-day to the River Ribble where the first baptisms in Britain took place. It was a really sacred walk and was such a beautiful day. The River Ribble is really a spiritual place and I'm so grateful to be close to it. 

The next great thing is that the adult session of Stake Conference was in Lancaster so I got to see my Lancaster family! It truly was a joyous experience. Sitting in the midst of all the people that I served with for more than 6 months of my mission was a really nostalgic experience. Mom and dad-they are still counting on you singing next April. So ya better warm up!
This is Sister Rae (My Lancaster Mother) and me. I love her!

As far as missionary work this week, we saw more miracles! We met a boy named Stu yesterday when we were walking with the map to find a less actives house. He is really interested and actually met the senior couple just a few days before! So God really put him in our path. We were able to give him a Book of Mormon and set up a time to come back and meet him again. Yay!!!

Okay, last thing! I got to go on exchange with my lovely trainer and mission mom Sister Lau! She came to South Ribble and we had the most glorious 24 hours together ever. I'm so grateful to have her as a best friend. She helped me so much on this exchange and it was so fun to go finding with somone who can basically read my thoughts since we have spent more than 6 months together. I love her and was so grateful for a chance to serve with her AGAIN :) One of the best things about the exchange is she got to meet Rachel and the kids. It was so great to have her actually know the people that are so near and dear to me here in South Ribble. 
This is Sister Li, Sister Lau, and myself. Sister Li is from China and is Sister Lau's second mission daughter. I try not to be too jealous.

I love you family! I hope that this email finds you well and safe. Thank you for supporting me through the greatest experience of my entire life (and probably eternal existence).

Sister Bement

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