Monday, October 20, 2014

Transfer News

Dear family,

Sadly, the dream team is coming to an end. Sister Dushku and I found out this week that she is leaving South Ribble. I'm so devastated! These past 2 transfers have been 3 months of pure bliss. Sister Dushku and I will be friends forever because we have experienced the true joy of the gospel together. As Sister Dushku said in her farewell testimony yesterday, "I will praise God forever for letting me come to South Ribble". And personally I will add, "and serving with Sister Dushku".

We were on exchange when we found out so Sister Dushku had to call me to tell me the sad news. I answered the phone and heard, "Sister Bement. We are over. But it's me, not you." And I honestly felt like she was breaking up with me! We laughed. :) Sister Dushku is going to Oldham, where she started her mission. So it's actually mostly sweet and just a little bitter. I'm happy for her! 

PLUS, an amazing Sister is coming to be my companion. Her name is Sister Nelson and she is the cutest sister eva. So it will be great :) 

This was our cheesy last Sunday together picture. I was trying to frown to show I was sad but it's hard when my best friend is hugging me (ick I'm getting so cheesy). 

This week was busy! First of all, I had a lovely exchange with Sister Thomson. She goes home tomorrow so it was really interesting being with someone on the final few days of their mission. She gave a lot of good advice on how to stay focused for the last 6 months and made me really excited because she said that at the end of your mission Heavenly Father just polishes and paints what he has been molding for the first year. I'm just so excited for what the next 6 months will bring!

We also had the Chinese activity in Liverpool! It was fun to be back in the Liverpool chapel. I felt like I had never left it. Everything went really well. I was in charge of the testimony meeting at the end which had been kind of stressing me out for the past month. So part of me is just glad it's over! We were able to get 8 non members from Preston there and 2 members. I thought that was pretty good since we probably only spent a total of 5 hours in Preston inviting people. The Lord really provided!

I got to see Grace and Emily from Lancaster! It was such a joyful reunion!

Well, we are off to the Lake district now with Sister Odonovan! I'm so excited! I've never been before and I've wanted to my whole mission. Yay for living so close!

This coming week is going to be wonderful. We get to see Rachel like 3 times (which is the best!) and we have so many tea appointments because everyone wants to say goodbye to Sister Dushku. SCORE! 

I love you all and hope you have a great week. The gospel is true! The Atonement is infinite. And it's even for YOU. (I read Mosiah 3-4 this morning. The Book of Mormon is the best book in the world).

Sister Bement

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  1. Sis. Bement, you two were a dynamic companionship. You had a real energy about you, which helped foster a whole new feeling of missionary work in South Ribble. So glad we could be there for part of it. We love you, Meeses