Monday, October 13, 2014

It's Great to Be Alive! It's Great to Be a Missionary!

Hello family!

I have 27 minutes to communicate to you one of the best weeks of my mission. Here we go!

First things first, we had zone meeting on Tuesday. Afterwards we had a pumpkin carving contest. Sister Dushku and I were trying to carve the Godhead lesson on a didn't really work. But we were the runners up for the "sweet spirit" award. Which I think is code for "Nice-try-but-it-looks-terrible" award. But we had a good laugh so all is well. :)

We also saw too many miracles to count. I'll just share my favourite with you to save time.

So Saturday night it was dark, cold, and quiet in South Ribble and our plans had fallen through. We prayed when we got in the car to know where to go. Sister Dushku said she felt like we should go to a certain area. We drove there. Before we got out of the car to start finding, we promised the Lord we would talk to everyone in our path and do our best. And that if we would do that, could he please lead us to a family? We hadn't been out of the car for 10 seconds when we saw an older woman unloading groceries from her car. We went up to her and told her we were helping people with their family history. She said, "How much money?" we said, "Free!" and she invited us into her home. Her name is Pamela. She is almost 70 years old. We taught her the Restoration while at the same time filling out a 4 generation pedigree chart with her. As I was writing down the names of her parents, I felt their presence so strongly! The thought came to me, God DID lead us to a family! Pamela's family! Even though she lives alone, her parents are desperate for the gospel. Pamela is the last living child, so she needs to do their work for them. In the end, even though she is Church of England, she accepted a Book of Mormon and we are going back Wednesday night to continue helping her with family history and teach her a bit more. When we drove away, we could see her through the window holding and looking at an open Book of Mormon. The Spirit of Elijah is REAL.

Actually, I lied. I have to share one more miracle! We are teaching a wonderful Chinese girl in Preston. Her name is Ayan. I have NEVER met a Chinese girl so prepared for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ before. During our first follow up appointment, I was explaining the godhead. When we started talking about Jesus Christ she said, "So, was Jesus Christ prepared before this life to be the Saviour? Or was he just born and was good enough to be the world's Saviour?" When I was explaining prayer she asked, "So, to receive a remission of sins, do you just have to pray and that's it? It seems like there is more you would have to do." Aren't those amazing questions? I love Ayan! I'm so grateful that President Ulrich has let us do some Chinese work in Preston this transfer. It has really given me a lot of joy.

Our greatest source of joy right now is still Rachel and her family (that never changes from week to wee). Every time we get to see them is such a blessing and an uplifting experience. They mean everything to us and are the greatest blessing of my mission. "I cannot say the smallest part which I feel" (Alma 26:16) would be an accurate description when it comes to Rachel, James, Katy, and Daisy. 

Sister Dushku and I are absolutely loving life! This week I randomly remembered being at Kentwood Highschool assemblies and everyone yelling, "It's great to be alive! It's great to be a Conk! It's great to be a Conk! It's great to be alive!" So I decided to change it to, "It's great to be alive! It's great to be a missionary! It's great to be a missionary! It's great to be alive!". That is how I feel about life right now.
I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!
Sister Bement

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