Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sing JOY

Well my wonderful family, this week has too many miracles to even name them all. But I will start with the most wonderful of them all:

Say hello to the three newest members of the South Ribble ward! James, Katy, and Daisy got baptised on Saturday. It was absolutely wonderful and beautiful. The girls were so cute and giddy and James was handsome and calm as ever. Rachel is amazingly supportive and lovely (she even made the yummiest baptism cake ever!) and I love her SO MUCH. It has been such a joy to get to know the whole family and I'm so thankful to be their eternal friend. 

Okay, next on the list of most wonderful things this week was spending all day Wednesday in Manchester! The new term is starting this week so all the new freshman were arriving and flooding the streets. We had an army of sister missionaries to greet them! The day I was there we had 14 of us on Oxford Road, talking to everyone and giving a lot of chapel tours. It was so much FUN! I got to speak to loads of Chinese people as well which was a blast! I love Manchester and it was nice to just go out and have a million people to talk to.

This was us right before we knelt down and prayed together to start our day of finding.

LUNCH BREAK IN MANCHESTER=FUN. We decided to match to be more "unified" :)

Wednesday was also amazing because it was the day that Taylor passed her baptismal interview! She is getting baptised this Thursday. It is so cute because the Young Women have completely taken over everything for us because they are so excited for Taylor to be baptised. It will be another wonderful baptismal service :)

I have to share more miracles!

WESLEY: A week ago we were spending our pday evening tracting. We were feeling so discouraged and confused because we know that tracting isn't effective, but in South Ribble, it's kinda the only way to go since not too many people are walking the streets. So we started doing a little wandering and just weren't feeling like we were in the right place. But then all of a sudden Sister Dushku marches up to a house and says, "That's it. We are finding someone to teach." The door opens and it is Wesley! He is a Christian and a true seeker of truth. We taught him the Restoration and he said we could come back again.On Saturday we went back! He had some concerns about Joseph Smith and how we could know that he wasn't just making it all up. So we taught him about the Book of Mormon again and read passages of it with him. The spirit was so strong and he committed to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know that it is true. We are seeing him again tomorrow!

JULIE: About a month ago we met a woman named Julie who wasn't interested at all but told us her mom might be and gave us their address. Yesterday morning we finally followed up. Turns out, her mom isn't interested either. But Sister Dushku was really bold and kind of shouted into the house to Julie and invited her again to learn more about our message. Julie came to the door and apologised again for not being interested....45 minutes later we had the most amazing lesson, perhaps the most amazing of my entire mission. Julie doesn't believe in God but really is concerned about the state of our world. She has noticed that nobody really cares about anything anymore and that she is different to her friends at work because she actually cares about knowing what the purpose of life it but just hasn't seem to find it. We were able to use the Book of Mormon to answer her concerns. Towards the end of our lesson with her she was still frustrated because she just "couldn't believe in God". We told her that's fine because our job as missionaries is to meet with people regularly to help them develop that faith. Before we could even ask if we could come back she said, "Oh would you come back then? I would really appreciate it." So we are going back this Saturday

Well, I could go on an on about the miracles. I honestly can't even write half of them! But I've about written you a novel so I'll just stop there.

This missionary experience just keeps getting better and better. It seems too good to be true right now! But I know that it's all Heavenly Father hastening His work. I'm just lucky enough to be an instrument at this time. 

I hope you all have wonderful weeks! I love and miss you :)
Sister Jenni Bement

Just thought I'd send these two pictures because they completely describe my relationship with Katy and Daisy. These girls are hilarious.

And this is a more funny one of the kids. This shows their personalities perfectly.

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