Monday, September 29, 2014

Beautiful Baptism and Eternal Perspective

Hello family! I can't believe I'm at this computer typing again. This week has gone by so fast. I blink and another week is gone!

Well, first things first! I have to tell you about Taylor's baptism! She was so nervous but everything turned out perfectly. She looked beautiful and there was such a sweet spirit during the service. I love Taylor and am so proud of her! And she is already turning into a missionary. She invited 3 of her friends from college (which is the equivalent of high school to Americans) and they all came and were so supportive of her. The South Ribble Young Women have been so wonderful as well. They are all Taylor's besties! As well as Kerys and Mia (Talyor's younger sisters). All I can say is that Thursday night was perfect.

​Taylor's favourite colour is red so Sister Newton (Young Women's pres) came up with so many fun treats! We actually went and baked them with Sister Newton Thursday afternoon and it was so much fun.

Something else so wonderful this past week was we had a family home evening with Rachel, James, Katy, and Daisy at the wonderful Cooper home. Brother Cooper is our Ward Mission Leader and getting the Coopers and Rachel's family together is a BLAST. We did a "Sundae" lesson where we talked about keeping the Sabbath Day holy but really just got to eat ice cream sundaes. :) It was the best.

I don't even know how to describe this week! There were moments when I felt discouraged, but the longer I'm a missionary the shorter those moments last. I feel like I'm gaining a greater eternal perspective so the little pitfalls of life don't seem to matter anymore. The only thing that matters is getting back to Heavenly Father. As I look back on the months of my mission that have past, I can only remember the good times. Which is so interesting because I absolutely KNOW there were weeks, even months, when I felt low and homesick, but that is all gone now. Has been for months! And all I feel is intense gratitude for the joy and happiness I have found since starting my mission.

Well, another exciting week is ahead! I'm really looking forward to general conference this week. Having living day prophets and apostles is such a blessing! 

I love you all! SO MUCH!
Sister Bement

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