Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Temple visit, Singing in the streets, and Being a vessel of light

Hello my family! 

This is gonna be a quick one because I have 25 min left on this lovely public computer :) So bare with me if there are typos!

First things first, Sister Dushku and I got to go to the temple yesterday. It was, as always, a peaceful, powerful, and inspiring experience. I'm so grateful there is a temple so close to where I serve! Presidnet Ulrich has been challenging missionaries to, when they return home, attend the temple once a week for the rest of their lives. I definitely am going to do that.

The work is moving forward here. But the past weeks we have been experiencing a bit of an investigator famine. Everyone new that we found dropped us before we could even teach them the second lesson. That was pretty discouraging. It's a good thing that Sister Dushku and I are a pretty cheerful pair or else I'm pretty sure we would have been discouraged! We are trying to figure out what we can do differently to start finding the people who are willing and ready to preach the gospel. We are optimistic about this week though and are so excited to see what will happen! :)

The miracle of the week! This is a good one folks, so get ready.

Friday night we were out finding in the cold rain (even though it is August) with the lovely Bella. We were just knocking doors and trying our best to talk to anyone that was out. We were not seeing too much success. But then Bella said, "There is a lady on a street over there who I met on a walk the other day. I bet she would listen to you. I'll show you where she lives." So we made our way over to that direction. Right when we knocked on the door, this wonderful old lady opened up! For some reason she let us right in! She was horrified that we were out in the rain and commanded us to take off our coats and go sit down in her living room. She even gave us chocolate! Well, we are calling this lady Sister Hyde. Sister Hyde is almost 80 and has a lot of thoughts about life and God. She isn't quite a believer just because of all the bad things that go on in the world. But she let us share the message of the Restoration and we sang her a hymn as well. When we were singing she almost cried. She said our message was beautiful and that we could come back! So today after lunch we are gonna go back and teach her again. Horray! We are hoping and praying that she will be the one who God has been preparing and that she is ready to accept the gospel. The miracles of tracting on a rainy, cold night with a member. :) Yay!

Speaking of singing hymns, Sister Dushku is convinced that I am hiding my talents under a bushel so she has been making sure we sing a lot throughout the day. And we really have seen miracles with it! I haven't been brave enough to sing by myself on the street, but multiple times this last week we have sang people hymns on the street or on their door step together. It really softens hearts! There was this one man who was not very happy that we had knocked on his door and didn't quite like our message either. He was already Christian and as the English do, told us, "I've got me own religion!" But Sister Dushku asked him if we could sing him a hymn. He was very taken aback, but said yes. So we sang "Nearer My God to Thee" and when we finished he took both of our hands and said, "That was lovely! Keep spreading the word and praising God!" We left on such a positive and spiritual note. Maybe the next time he meets missionaries he will want to listen. 

So even though we aren't seeing the results of our efforts represented in our numbers, we are seeing it in the little changes people make after speaking with us. It's very rewarding and humbling as well. I've learned this week that I if I want to be, I can truly be a vessel of light and truth to someone who desperately needs it. Even if they aren't willing to fully commit or change yet, they needed a dose of Heavenly Father's spirit that day. And Sister Dushku and I can help them feel it. 

That's about all I have time for today folks! I've loved hearing from all of you am so grateful that you are my family. Have a great week!

Sister Bement

Another pic at the temple. This is Sister Fitia from Madagascar!

This is a RM from Austria who knows Mimi! It was so fun to meet her! She has family in Preston so she was just visiting for the week. She only got off her mission 3 week ago so it was really great to talk to her about her mission. She served in Germany.

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