Monday, August 11, 2014

More Family History and a bull ride!

Dear Family,

There are too many miracles to even tell you all of them this week! 

One miracle has to do with my favourite subject, FAMILY HISTORY! Sister Dushku and I have been going crazy using family history to invite others to lean more about the gospel. We have also given two training this week to other missionaries on the doctrine behind it and how we can better use it in our work. So I'm pretty much obsessed with it and wish that I had more time to work on my own. But anyways, we were doing some Sunday morning rain finding yesterday and met this indian woman who was Hindu. I pulled out my My Family booklet and showed her how I was documenting the memories I had of my Grandma who I'd lived with for a few months before coming to England. She grabbed my book and started flipping through it and said, "This is amazing! How can I get on of these?" We told her we could give her one for free and even help her get started on one. She said, "When can you come?" She invited us into her home because she needed to grab her phone and when she let us in she said, "My husband would probably be really interested in this too because he isn't very close with his extended family. He would probably really want to learn more about it." So we are going back tomorrow to help her and her husband get started! Woo hoo! I just know that there would be no other way to get into that home unless we were sharing a message about family history. The Spirit of Elijah is REAL!

We also got to go to the Preston Fun Day! It was held at the chapel and was packed. It was a stake activity so I got to see people from Lancaster as well! We got to wear pants and we just had a blast. I even rode Bull Ride...don't know how dignified that was but there was no strike of lightning so I think I'll be forgiven. One of our wonderful investigators brought her daughter as well and they had a blast. So it was just a great week!

Okay, I'm really running out of time here so I'll just attatch a couple pictures and call it good for this week. I love you all so so so so much!

Sister Bement

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