Monday, August 4, 2014

Family History Miracles and Driving on the Wrong Side

What a wonderful week! Serving in South Ribble is absolutely amazing. The missionary work here is exploding. Especially in regards to family history. I've developed such a strong testimony of the Spirit of Elijah in the recent months. Family History is a huge focus in the EMM right now and I'm so grateful because it's teaching me so much!

Here is a miracle of using family history. Thursday night we had invited a member out to go finding with us. Her name is Hilda and she said yes! We were walking to go call by some people but there was a woman out doing some gardening that we stopped and spoke to. She was obviously not really in the mood to talk and really weirded out that these strangers were talking to her. BUT. Then Sister Dushku showed this woman (her name is Nicola) her My Family booklet which has a picture of her family on it. Sister Dushku has 7 siblings and just loves big families which she told Nicola. Then Nicola said that she had 7 children of her own and they all lived with her still! She opened right up and started talking about what it is like to be a mother of a big family. Then Sister Dushku shared Helaman 5:12 with Nicola and said how even though family life is sometimes crazy, her family always felt grounded because of Jesus Christ. After we read that scripture together, Nicola paused and said, "What is that book?" That's when having Hilda there came in handy! Good ol' Hilda opened right up and told her about the Book of Mormon. Hilda announced that she is reading through the Book of Mormon for the second time now and that she just loves it and knows it's true. Then (this is the best part!) Hilda said, "Isn't there another time we could stop by and tell you and your family about the Book of Mormon?" And Nicola said YES!!! WOO HOO!!! So we are going back tonight. And it all started because of family history!

The gorgeous Sister Dushku 
Another miracle of the week is Shauna, Lindsay, Tamsin, and Melissa. Shauna is someone that Sister Dushku met a couple days before I came to South Ribble. She was super stressed and busy when they talked to Shauna said to come back a different time. We went back just to call by and see if she was interested and Shauna invited us right in. At first we were just talking to Shaun and her 6 year old daughter. But then some scary teenagers walked in. I was legitimately scared (just shows how awkward I've become since becoming a missionary). But Sister Dushku is super brave and invited them all to come in. At first it was a bit crazy because they kept asking us random questions, but as we got to know them a bit more, we recognised that a few of them had sincere desires to learn about the gospel and were confused about what they knew about God so far in their lives. So we made an appointment to come back the next day. We did, and taught them all the Restoration! Then two of Shauna's children and one of their friends came to church yesterday and LOVED IT! It is just so exciting to see what can happen if you have faith and are willing to be where the Lord puts you.

I'm really learning a lot from Sister Dushku. She is so brave and is teaching me SO MUCH. She LOVES being a missionary and is such a good finder. We use family history ALL the time and she really talks to everyone. I thought I could honestly say I talked to everyone, but she takes it to a whole new level! I'm really out of my comfort zone and it feels good! The more I serve with her the more I want to be a better missionary. It's been such a blessing. We are so unified and feel a lot of peace and love in this companionship. It's great!

Oh, I should also probably mention driving. It was super scary at first! After all, they drive on the wrong side of the road here. But now I'm pretty used to it and it's actually super fun. Last night we had to drive to Manchester for a fireside and I actually made it to the speed limit (70mph) for the first time. Pretty sure I got an adrenaline rush since I haven't driven in so long haha

Sister McDonnell, Sister Alston, and me saying good bye to each other at transfers. Sister Alston is back home in Canada and I miss her so much :( She is my first friend in the mission to go home so it's been a bit sad.
The 4 Sister Flat saying goodbye :(

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