Monday, July 28, 2014

Surprise Transfer and the "Giants"

I'll just start off with the most exciting news of the week. I'm getting transfered! Again! I can't really believe it. I'm heading to South Ribble, which is very near Preston. My companion is Sister Dushku, from Utah. I've met her a few times and she seems very nice, so it should be wonderful! She isn't a Chiense speaking missionary and there isn't a large population of Chinese there. So I don't know what will happen there, but I have felt really strongly over the past few days that South Ribble is where I need to be. It's so strange being in an area only 6 weeks. I feel like I was just getting the hang of things here and now I'm being pulled out! I have LOVED serving in Liverpool with Sister Lau. It has been such a blessing! And I will be sad to leave it all behind. Sister Lau is staying in Liverpool to continue the Chinese work here because she is AMAZING. I'll miss her a lot :( But we are both faithfully pressing forward!

Preston is about halfway between Lancaster, Jenni's 1st area, and Liverpool 

Wanna know something great about South Ribble? It is where the first baptisms in England took place! In the River Ribble! Look it up. I'm so lucky to get to serve in a mission with so much church history in it. When I'm not a missionary, I am definetely going to devote more time to studying church history. It's beauitiful and faith promoting!
Something else pretty exciting this week was the Giants came to Liverpool! For the last month everyone has been talking about "the giants". I had no idea what they were takling about until recently. Basically, this weekend there were these HUGE giant puppets walking around Liverpool. Millions of people came to see! The city was CRAZY this week! Busses were full or cancelled and people were packed like sardines into the city center. Sister Lau and I mostly avoided it but we saw one of the gians from afar. It was exciting and the Liverpuddlians were happy, that's for sure :)

Picture from google
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The weather has also been abnormally hot this week. Nothing has air conditionaing here (similar to in Washington) so everyone was roasting and complaining about the weather. The busses were especially hot. It was like a sauna! But I've tried my best to enjoy the weather because soon enough I'm gonna be in tights, jumpers, scarves, and coats and wish desperately for some sun.
Last week on P-day, two of the YSA here in the Liverpool ward hung out with Sister Lau and I. It was so fun! Their names are Esther and Emma. Esther is actually American and is here doing a masters degree. I love her! So much! They showed us some good places to take pictures and even bought us dinner. It was such a nice day!
Esther, the American YSA
Basically, I'm pretty sad to leave the people of Liverpool. Especially our investigators who are doing really well right now. We are teaching a Chinese boy named Alfred who is getting baptised in September (he is going on holiday for a few weeks between now and then so we are just trying to give him enough time). I think I will miss him the most. But there are so many people here who have had an impact on me even in the short time I've lived here. I'm so grateful for this transfer! It has been such a fun, exciting, and growth inspiring 6 weeks. I couldn't be more thankful for it.

Beautiful Liverpool with Sister Lau last Monday.
Georgina, one of our amazing investigators
Dizzy and Danny. The cutest Chinese couple ever that we are teaching.

I love you all and I hope all is well!
Sister Bement

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