Monday, June 30, 2014

Little Miracles and Homemade Dumplings

It's truly been another wonderful week here in the magical city of LIverpool. I don't even know where to start. Sister Lau and I are learning so much and are growing in love for this area and eachother everyday. I'm slowly learning my way around this busy place and also trying my best to get to know this huge ward. I've felt the Lord at my side at every turn. 

There are a few quick miracles I wanted to share.
The first was on Saturday for our 4 Hour Consecrated Finding. Sister Lau and I decided to go through some of our millions of P.I forms, pick a couple names, call by those people, and then tract the streets where they lived. The first lady was named Ann. All we knew about this lady was her fist name and address. But for some reason we felt good about her. We both assumed she was Chines because she was in the middle of a bunch of Chinese names. So as we were walking up to her door I was practicing how to say, "Hi, are you Ann?" in Chinese. But I never got the chance to try it out because an English lady opened the door! She recognised us right away and said she had talked to missionaries before. We started talking to her and teaching her about how God answers prayers. She told us how she is worried about her daughter because she doesn't believe in God. So we pulled out the Book of Mormon and showed her the story of Alma the Younger. We gave her a copy and invited her to read that chapter before we came back again. She told us that that morning she had felt so low and terrible and she believes God sent us to her. We told her about how we had found her in a stack of huge names (something we don't usually tell people haha) and she was so moved and I could tell she really was amazed at how aware God must've been of her at that time. We are seeing her again this Friday. Yay!
Another miracle happened yesterday on the bus. I sat down next to someone but they were getting off at the next stop so I didn't really get to talk to them. The bus was pretty empty so I was nervously trying to figure out how I would keep talking to people. A woman got on the bus and I just decided to smile at her really big and see if she would sit by me. She ended up sitting right behind me. In my head I thought, well this is awkward. How am I going to subtly start a conversation with someone right behind me? So I decided to just not be subtle. For some reason I felt very strongly that I needed to talk to this lady and to get over myself and just do it! So I turned around, smiled again, and said "How are you today?" This lady was really suprised and said, "Do I know you?" (haha, gotta love it when that happens). I told her no, but that she looked nice so I thought I would talk to her. Before I could say anything else she said, "Where is your companion? I know you aren't allowed to travel alone." I pointed to Sister Lau who was talking to someone else in the back of the bus. We kept talking and I learned that she was a member of the church but hadn't attended for 13 years because of this and that. I didin't really know what to say to her reasonings. So I just asked her, "Do you miss it? Do you miss being a part of the church?" She surprised my by saying yes she did miss it. I asked her if Sister Lau and I could come visit her but she said she wasn't ready yet. She wouldn't even tell me her last name (probably because she knew I would go straight to the ward list when I got home haha) but I have faith that if it's God's plan we will meet again. I really feel strongly that God put us into eachother's paths.
We also had an AMAZING tea with some of our new Chiense investiagtors. Last week we met 3 Chiense students who are also flat mates the day before church. We taught them about prayer and invited them to come to church. They actually showed up! (This was 2 Sundays ago) And they not only showed up, but they brought another one of their flatmates. They liked church AND invited us to tea that week. They made homemade dumplings!! And I mean HOME MADE. Even the skins! It was SO SO YUMMY. Probably my favorite tea appointment of my whole mission.

We also had the farewell conference for President and Sister Preston. I will miss them so much! But I truly feel that President and Sister Ulrich are supposed to be leading this mission now and I will support them no matter what. I will just try and apply all that President Preston has taught me and learn as much as I can from President Ulrich.

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