Monday, May 19, 2014

Member Missionaries, Spring Weather and Obedience

First of all, a blurb from last week's email since I (Elisa) didn't get it up:

It's funny how I see things so much differently now that I'm a missionary. I don't remember ever fellowshiping new members or investigators growing up in the Clark Lake Ward. I'm sure they were there, but I was too much in my own little world to notice them or care about them. That is so wrong! As a missionary, it is SO NICE when a ward member sits with someone we have brought to church, offers to show them to their next class, invites them over for dinner, etc. It makes all the difference in someone's conversion. I'm so glad to be learning this because I will be a member for the rest of my life and can remember these things and do them in the future wards that I live in. I'm truly realising that missionary work is for EVERYONE. Not just the full time missionaries. I just never got that before (even though I heard it in general conference and from all my leaders my whole life). Heavenly Father obviously needed to teach it to me! :) 

And this week's email:

This week has been wonderful. The weather has been absolutely beautiful! I love not wearing tights! (Sister Missionary Problems). I'm so grateful to be here in beautiful Lancaster.

This week was another 4 hour finding week. It was my favorite one since starting my mission! Sister Shih and I really prepared for it mentally and spiritually and it was a success. We saw many miracles. One of my favorite miracles was a boy named Leo. We were street contacting Uni with Dos (a recent convert) and we had been going about 10 minutes without anyone who was willing to stop. I was worried about Dos because she was so nervous as it was, and people being rude and not wanting to talk didn't help! So we passed the outdoor basketball courts and we saw a Chinese boy just sitting by himself doing nothing. We passed by him, but then both Sister Shih and I got the impression that we needed to actually walk into the court (which is gated) and go speak to him. Much to Dos' horror, we did it! We walked right up to him and just said, "Hi!". He looked up really quickly and said, "Do you want to play basketball?" so we said sure and started playing a little bit (yes, in our skirts). We ended up playing and getting to know him for about 5 minutes and then we stopped and started talking about more spiritual things. We ended up teaching him for 20 min right there in the middle of the court. We got his phone number and he said he would come to church with us! It was great! He actually didn't end up coming...but we are working on setting up and appointment so we can still teach him. That whole experience was such a tender mercy because Dos got to see that missionary work can be fun and exciting.

Something I've learned gradually throughout my life is the principle of obedience. When I was little I knew not to disobey my parents. When I grew up a little more I found it difficult to obey some of Heavenly Father's commandments (like modesty or other things). As a missionary I am learning to fully embrace obedience to Heavenly Father. And that has come as my love for the Saviour increases. The more I love the Saviour, the more I yearn to obey and follow Him. Since staring my mission the relationship I have with my Saviour has changed a lot. I'm so much closer to Him and I would do anything and give anything to follow him. Anything He asks me to do, I want to do! In the song, "Our Saviour's Love" there is a line that says "We love thy law, we will obey". And that is how I feel. I want to live the gospel law because I love the Saviour. And He makes it so happy to live his gospel! I'm grateful for this lesson and many others that I have learned since becoming a full time missionary.

Generally, I'm doing really well. I know the Lord is with me every moment, He never leaves. I'm also just so grateful to be in Lancaster. I love the ward, people, companion, everything. Blessings are really overflowing!

Here are some pictures!

Tea with Dos!

​The lovely Sister Rae, my favorite Scot! I love this woman!

This is my favorite path to walk in Lancaster. It's right by the castle and has become even more beautiful in the spring!

I love you all so much! Thank you for all your letters, words of encouragement, love, and support. I love hearing from each of you every week. Take care!

Sister Bement

P.S Next week is ANOTHER bank holiday. So I will be emailing on Tuesday.

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