Monday, March 24, 2014

Friends, casual clothes and daffodils

Hello family!

I can't believe another week is gone! Sister Lau and I had a lot of fun this week. The funnest thing of them all though was sports day!! It was such a blast to be with all the sisters in the mission. It gave me a lot of strength to talk to my friends (and I'm happily realizing that I DO have friends out here) in the mission who are all going through similar trials and tests as me. I got to talk to Clara (Mimi's best friend from Austria) for a good long while too and that was the BEST because she really reminds me of Mimi. That was a real tender mercy from the Lord.

To start off the sports day we had a Preach My Gospel chase (which is like a scripture chase but with PMG)! We divided up into 4 groups. The top 6 people advanced to stage 2, and then the top 4 people of those 2 groups went to the final round. I got to stage 2 but then lost. It was really fun! It made me want to know Preach My Gospel better. But plus it was fun because we got to be a little competitive. I forgot that I'm competitive...I did my best to reign myself in though. I remember a speaker in the MTC told us "Christ is not competitive." So I did my best to be Christlike...but still really want to win...haha I'll work on that. :)

Here is Sister Lau and I in our casual clothes! Woot woot! It was nice to not be in a skirt all day. Oh things I took for grated before I was a missionary! :) We tried to match as best we could. Companionship unity! haha

This is Clara and I!

Here is a picture of Sister Sun, Lau, and I. This was the trio I was in for the first 2ish weeks here in England. It was SO good to see Sister Sun and talk to her again. I love her and miss her! She is a Sister Training Leader in Wales right now. She is amazing!

That's all the pictures I have of Sports day. To be honest, I did more talking than playing. I just wanted to talk to everyone! I started playing volleyball for like 10 seconds but there were too many people on the court to have a real game going. It kinda reminded me of young womens volleyball haha So mostly I just exercised my mouth by catching up with my sisters. :)

I was sick two days this week with a really bad cold. So not much else happened. But I did want to tell you something that has really made me appreciate the religious freedom we enjoy in America and England.

We are teaching a Chinese uni student right now who has been progressing REALLY well. Learning about prayer and god has made him so much happier and he is recognizing the feelings of peace he receives when he prays as answers from God. It's just so exciting and happy. We taught him the Plan of Salvation the other day and it rang true to his soul! The light of Christ really is in everyone. So we invited him to be baptised fully expecting that he would say yes. BUT. After we asked him he told us he was a communist. Not that he CHOSE to be communist but that his parents were and if your parents are, the government assumes you are as well. It would be really dangerous for him to be baptised and openly believe in God. So he can't be baptised. Isn't that sad? Here is a boy who has felt the truth and wants to make a commitment to Heavenly Father, but can't because it would be dangerous for him and his family. It makes me so sad. But we will keep teaching him and do all we can to help him progress spiritually. Someday I know that something will change and he will be able to get baptised.

Oh! The past weeks hundereds of dafodils have been popping up all over Lancaster! They are so beautiful. There is a field of them that we pass all the time on the bus ride to uni. This is it! It was so pretty we couldn't help but take pictures!

One more thing, this week we find out transfers. So don't send any mail directly to my flat until I tell you I'm either staying or leaving. The mission office address will be safer for the next week. :) 

That's all from Lancaster for now! Until next week!

Sister Bement

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