Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year!

This week has had it's ups and downs like usual. But looking back, I can't really pin point any down moment and mostly just remember the wonderful parts. I think that is a blessing of being on a mission. Heavenly Father lets you forget about the bad times pretty fast. I remember my MTC teachers telling me that happens and I think Dad has said something similar to me as well. It really is a blessing! So seeing as I can't remember anything bad happening, I'll just tell you all the great things that happened!

New Years Eve was a really fun night. The whole day we were in Manchester for my 5 weeks training. That was a great training with President Preston and his assistants. We learned how to bus contact better (although in Lancaster we aren't allowed to bus contact) as well as street contact better. We also practiced teaching The Restoration. It really got me pumped for contacting which is a miracle because that is the scariest thing about mission life so far. Mom-I think you would be a good street contacter! That time when you started talking to the motorcyclist in Utah asking him about helmet laws? That is what we do to street contact! Find a way to start a conversation with every person you meet and then bring in the gospel! Better yet, just start out with the gospel! Sister Lau is a pro street contacter though. She can talk to anyone! So I'm in good hands and she is teaching me a lot. Oh, but back to New Years Eve. We spent the evening with the other elders in our district at the Fawcett home! I love the Fawcetts. Sister Fawcett is one of my favorite ladies in the ward and someone I feel I can just relax and be myself around. So it's always fun to be with her. 
This is at first 5 weeks

This is a ferris wheel in Manchester we saw when we were heading home! Beautiful! 

This is at the Fawcett's home! (there were 2 cameras and apparently not everyone felt like looking at mine..myself included. whoops).

We also got some yummy Chinese food this week! There is a place pretty near our house that a member took us to on Friday night. Dad! I got Ma po's been curd there!! And it was SOO YUMMY. So yummy that Sister Lau and I went back with Ken the next night. :) It's fun going to Chinese places with Chinese people because they order things I would never think of getting. Fried squid for example. And it was SO tasty! We also got bubble tea (not real tea, no worries) and lots and lots of other yummy food. Sister Lau makes Chines food for me at home sometimes too. She is good to have around ;)

Oh! Transfers are this week! Sister Lau and I are staying in Lancaster! Woot woot! I wasn't really worried that we were leaving since I've only been here about 5 weeks. But it is good to know for sure. 3 elders in our district are leaving though so there will be some changes. 

I've decided that I'm going to put one miracle missionary moment in every email. So here's this week's:

Last night some appointments fell through at Uni and some people were late. So when we were done teaching our last appointment we had about 15 minutes before we needed to head home. In my newbie missionary mind I thought, "Oh, we can just talk with Ken for a few minutes (he was helping us teach) and then go home." But Sister Lau put on her coat really fast and was like "Come on! We are gonna street contact for 15 minutes!" I looked outside. It was rainy, windy, and cold. Nobody was out there. But I followed my trainer and tried to get pumped for a cold 15 minutes! When we got outside we asked Ken which way he thought we should walk. We said a prayer and then he pointed. We went the way he said. Within about 3 minutes we met someone. His name is Emmanuel and he is from Africa. We had a lesson on the spot with him and he is meeting with us again next week. About a minute after we left Emmanuel we met another boy. His girlfriend is Christian. He is from China and doesn't know much about religion. He wants to meet with us again too. It took about 20 minutes but we now have 2 new people in our teaching pool and more importantly, 2 more people who want to become closer to Jesus Christ! And to think, I wanted to sit inside! It just showed me that we really are on the Lord's time and this really is HIS work. I hope I'm never caught guilty about wanting to stay inside again! There are SO many people here in Lancaster that are ready for the gospel. I'm so blessed to be here. :)

Some of you have been asking about the weather. I think this picture sums it up.

It is windy and rainy!!! It also gets dark really early here. But I honestly don't mind the weather. I have a good coat and it reminds me of Seattle. Although I don't think Seattle is as windy! 

I think that is all for the week! I love you all so much! :) I feel all your love and prayers.

Sister Bement

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  1. Keep at it. You are doing great! Take care. Sister Terri Neal.