Monday, November 11, 2013

PBS Interview, Music, and Chinese

So before anything else I need to explain something kinda exciting that happened. Last Thursday this man came into our class room and asked to talk to me and another sister, Mong Jiemei (dad, you know her dad), and a different companionship. I was so freaked out because he told me not to bring my companion! He took us into a different room and I was seriously so scared that we were having a companion change or something was wrong with my travel plans. But luckily, no such bad news. He told us that the PBS show Religion and Ethics was coming to the MTC and they want to film a mandarin class and interview some mandarin speaking missionaries. So they were putting together a "pretend" district to show them and that we were asked to be a part of it. On Friday, missionaries from our zone had to go to an hour and a half long training on how to be interviewed publicly for the church. It was pretty stressful at first because some of the questions were really hard. But we all prayed all weekend that we would be calm and be able to represent missionaries and the church the way God wants us to. So today, the PBS people came! It kind of made me laugh because it seriously only took about 5 minutes to film and all weekend I had been practicing answering these really hard questions in my head. I didn't even answer any questions! haha They filmed us all learning a Chinese grammar principle, singing a hymn in mandarin, and asked a few people why they were serving missions. The interviewer's name was Lucky. Can't remember his last name. We don't know when it will air but apparently they will let us know and then I can let you know and you can watch it. :)  It was a really humbling and fun experience. 

This was the fake classroom we set up for the filming. I thought it looked pretty cool with all the flags. There were more flags but I didn't get pictures of all of them for some reason. Grandma would have loved all of them. Taiwan, England, New Zealand, Canada, and Singapore were all represented! Chinese speakers are really everywhere. 

Me with the England flag!
The group that was filmed

Something else fun that happened is that Sister Rolphing and I sang together in Sacrament meeting yesterday (She is the girl in this Mormon message. We sang, "A Child's Prayer" from the children's song book. It was really fun and everyone was very complementary afterwards. This week Sister Larsen and I are going to audition for a musical number at the MTC. We are doing "Savior Redeemer of my Soul" and I'm singing and she is playing the piano. It's hard because it has to be memorized and practice time is very sparse! We usually have some time to practice on Sunday afternoons and sometimes during lunch. But singing and music brings me so much joy here that it makes the stress of it SO worth it.

The tripanionship is going better I think. Sister Young is getting more used to the MTC. Her district moved classrooms so they are now in the same building as my district. That makes things SO much easier. I pray everyday for help with patience towards her. I have to keep telling myself, "This is harder for her than it is for me." She is such a sweet and talented girl and God has a great work for her!

This is my name tag
Chinese is coming along slowly but surely. I know that God is blessing all of His missionaries to be able to learn WAY faster than we would have otherwise. It's truly a miracle how much we have learned in the past month. I'm really grateful to be learning Chinese. I honestly love it and will work and pray hard for the Gift of Tongues my whole mission and hopefully even afterwards.

I'm getting more and more excited to go to England! I only have 3 weeks left here! How did that happen? I think I will leave the MTC on the 4th or 5th of December. We will get our official travel plans in a couple weeks. I don't necessarily feel ready to speak mandarin to people for REALS but I do feel ready to do whatever it is God asks me to in the field. Ah, I can't even let myself think about it too long because I still have 3 weeks of of hard work left here at the MTC! I love the MTC and am really happy to be here. :)

Reading all of your lovely emails today! Thank you so much for every single one of them!!!

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