Monday, October 28, 2013

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing...

Here is this weeks email. There was no explanation as to why the subject title was what it was...apparently it's a Steven Covey quote (I had to google that) but she added the main thing is conversion!

I can't believe it is another P-day already! What everyone says is true, weeks FLY by on the mission. We got to go to the temple this morning as always and that is one of the best parts of the whole week. I LOVE the temple. Go all you can! Being on a mission has also given me a love of the scriptures that I never thought possible. Just a couple weeks ago I struggled to just read a chapter a day. Now that I'm a missionary I feel like I don't have enough time to study the scriptures! We get an hour of personal study every morning. I LOVE personal study time. It is so sacred to me here. There are so many things we need to study though I feel like I need 2 or 3 hours! But God inspired the MTC schedule here so I know we are all getting exactly what we need. :)

This week was really great. Sister Larsen and I are finally getting the hang of planning and setting goals. We have noticed that when we plan the way we are supposed to, we are SO much happier. Time flies when you have planned well. All these skills I'm learning on the mission are going to help me for the rest of my life! One thing I'm really excited about is that yesterday I FINALLY buckled down and made a language study plan. These are SO important in the MTC and throughout the mission when you are trying to receive the Gift of Tongues! Because in order to receive help from God you have to be doing all you can do. Making a detailed language study plan and following through with it is a way Preach My Gospel says you can qualify for God's help. Basically how it works is you start with a main vision/miracle goal for your whole MTC stay. Then you break up that goal into weeks. Then everyday you plan to do whatever you need to do that day to make your weekly goal. At the end of every week you reevaluate your weekly goals to make sure they are leading up to your main goal/vision. Anyways, that might sound really obvious to you all but for some reason it took me a long time to wrap my mind around and humble myself enough to buckle down and just do it! 

Sister Bement's Planner

My desk that I sit at basically all day everyday. 

So a couple really sad/hard/humbling/faith building things happened this week. The worst one is that our sister training leader (kind of like zone leader but just for sisters) found out yesterday that her mom AND dad have cancer and both are in stage 4. It was such tragic news. She is so strong and faithful though it amazes me! We are all praying for her family and are going to do a zone fast on Sunday

The other bad thing is less tragic but still for me really sad. We found out that our teacher, Ge Laoshi (who is my FAVORITE teacher. She is the most amazing woman and totally my hero!) is being switched to a new district coming in on Wednesday. This is such a big deal because teachers are a huge part of being at the MTC. You get so close and attached to them. Honestly, when I found out I was so mad! Partly at the MTC administration but also kind of at God. It just seemed like such a dumb thing to happen! Why would he take away our favorite teacher half way through? And that also means we loose an investigator that we have put our faith, tears, sweat, and study into. Ugh I was so upset! But then I realized...this is how my whole mission will be. I will get attached to people, ward members, investigators, companions, etc. and then I will get transferred or they will loose interest or something. So maybe God was just preparing my district for the field. And maybe our new teacher (we don't know who it is yet) will bring something new that we needed to our language study. Who knows! But I DO know that God has a plan and he doesn't just transfer our teachers around to bug us. Everything He does is for our own good. We get to teach Zhang Xi Ya (Ge Laoshi) one more time tonight and then we get personal interviews with her where she will give us feedback on the last month. So that will be good closure for me and I'm praying that I won't completely loose it and get mad/totally depressed again!

Here are some other random details about the MTC that might be interesting. 
Food: The food is pretty okay here. Although the longer I stay the more cereal I eat. I just am not a cafeteria meal kind of girl! So I mostly eat cereal, wraps or salads, french fries, and fruit. I only let myself eat desserts of Fridays because they usually have cheesecake which is YUM. :)

We also all have to do service every week here. Our district is assigned to set up the chairs for Tuesday and Sunday devotionals. It's a pretty good service project because we don't have to do any cleaning! It also can be fun...can be. :)

Oh! Something I learned from Elder Holland yesterday (they played a talk he gave last Thanksgiving at the MTC for our Sunday night film last night) made me really happy and even more excited to be a missionary. He said, "If you want to give your life to the Lord, serving a mission is the BEST thing you could do right now. Nothing in your life will be more important than serving this mission. Other things will be equally important. But NOTHING will be more important." Woo hoo! I love being a missionary! I didn't realize until I got here how important missionary work is and sometimes it still think it is all over my head. I have to take it one day at a time and just enjoy every second of having this call. It is hard sometimes. Sometimes it is REALLY hard. But most of the time, I'm experiencing this new kind of happiness that I don't know if I will ever feel when I'm not a missionary. So I need to not waste one second!

I love and miss you all! You all amaze me. I love your emails and letters more than you could ever know! I pray for you and send you happy thoughts.
Okay for some reason my picture thing isn't working -_- Frustrating. But I will try again next week.

Sister Jenni Bement

 There is this famous tree here on the MTC that apparently smells like creme soda. I heard that like the first day I was here but thought it was dumb. But on Thursday I finally gave in to curiosity and smelled it. It really does smell like creme soda!!! So I had to take a picture.
Roommate picture on a sunny Friday

wo de tongban! (my companion)

This is me and Bao Jiemei. She is so cute

Sister Miller our Sister ing leader. She was in my ward in Rexburg. Small world! She is going to Taiwan and leaving the MTC 2 weeks before me. We weren't really friends in Rexburg so it has been awesome to get to know her now!

Temple walk!

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