Monday, October 14, 2013

MTC Beginnings

Sister Jenni Bement entered the MTC on October 2, 2013. Her first email said it was pretty hard, but worth it. Her Chinese teacher only speaks to them in Chinese. There were some emotional roller-coasters, but she learned a lot and she really enjoyed watching General Conference. She loves her companion, Sister Larsen, as well as her roommates and her district.

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Her companion, Sister Larsen

MTC Cards!

This week (Monday, October 14) she said:

This week has been absolutely AMAZING! I seriously love the MTC. I'm so glad I get to be here for 9 whole weeks! Time is already flying and there is so much to learn.

This morning we went to the temple :) Sister Larsen and I did initiatories. Such a wonderful and peaceful experience! I really needed to hear those blessings again. God is so merciful and loving! 

I love all the study time there is here. I've never studied the Gospel so thoroughly before. And the crazy thing is that the more I study the Gospel the more I realize there is SO MUCH MORE TO KNOW. It is hard to divide the study time between learning Chinese, the Gospel, or how to be a good teacher. But like I said before, the Lord is in charge and will help me learn what I need to learn! An amazing thing I've noticed here is if I pray beofore I start studying to learn whatever it is Heavenly Father wants me to know, I ALWAYS learn something that has either been on my mind or will help our investigators. It's so humbling to know that the Lord is award of us every moment.

Yesterday was our first normal Sunday here! It was AMAZING! One of the best days here yet. We all had an interview with a member of our Branch Presidency in the morning. Relief Society is so. Cool. All the Sisters have it together in the gym where we have devotionals. And guess who spoke to us? Oh, just the Young Women General President. No big deal. I guess every week we have a guest speaker like that. She was such a great teacher and spoke about Jacob 5. I really needed to hear everything she said because I've always been one to sort of avoid that chapter because it is so long...haha but not anymore! 

Sacrament meeting is with just your zone. There are only 2 districts in our zone so it was so small. I led the music which made me really happy for some reason :)  The way Sacrament works is a topic is assigned every week and EVERYONE has to prepare a 3-5 minute talk about it in Chinese. Then right after the Sacrament the Branch President announces the two missionaries who will speak. Scary! Since my district is new we didn't have to do it this week but next week we will. Then one couple out of the presidency speaks. It was so nice to take the Sacrament and also hear the district who is two weeks ahead of us speak Chinese. Brother and Sister Teng spoke about the Holy Ghost. I love learning about the Holy Ghost because to be a missionary you absolutely HAVE TO HAVE IT.

I think after having such a spiritual day yesterday I finally realized REALLY why I am out here serving. I am here because God knows me better than I know myself. He knew how happy I would be out here. He knew my life would never be the same. He knew that I would learn the most, grow the best, and be the happiest I've ever been while on a mission. I would not change my decision to serve for ANYTHING. This work is too important and it is truly being hastened just as was prophesied in the D&C. THAT is why I'm out here! I will share this message of Jesus Christ because God called me. And I will do it God's way by being obedient and going where He wants me to go. He will help me teach the people, He will help me learn Chinese, and above all He will and has armed me with His Holy Spirit. Teachers and leaders here keep on thanking me for my sacrifice of coming on a mission. But really, this is no sacrifice. All that has happened since being a missionary is God giving ME things. His blessings and Spirit have been unrestrained since my mission began. I seriously am overwhelmed with gratitude. The other night before bed I was praying and trying to explain to Heavenly Father in big fluffy words how grateful I am and the Spirit whispered, "If you are really grateful, then serve me. That is enough." So I will! I will do whatever it is the Lord has in store for me. The gospel IS true, and God's never ending love MUST reach every willing ear and heart. I will serve Him because I am nothing without my God and Savior.

I love you all! Pray for missionary moments (and pray for me please :) ) I miss you, think about you, and pray for you. Have a wonderful week!

Sister Bement's roommate, Sister Rolphing, in front of her mormon message video
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Spencer Transier

Chinese Book!

Her district at the Provo, Utah Temple

Color matching with Sister Harper

Sister Bement is the only one going to England!


  1. What an undertaking! If Heavenly Father led you to this point, then KNOW you can succeed.

  2. I loved reading this tonight! Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences and feelings, you strengthened my testimony. Love you!