Sunday, September 29, 2013

Farewell and Contact Info!

Hello my dear family and friends!

This is pretty much it! Monday evening I will be set apart as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I have been called to serve in the Manchester England Mission speaking Mandarin Chinese. I am very excited and anxious for this next phase of my life! I can only imagine the challenges, lessons, joy, and sorrow that I will experience as I try to give my heart and soul to God through missionary work. I know it won't be easy, but I have NO DOUBT that it will be worth it.

I would love to keep in contact with you all throughout my mission! For anyone that would like to keep in touch, here is all my contact information for the next 18 months.

For the first 8 weeks of my mission I will be in the Provo Missionary Training Center to learn how to be a missionary and speak Mandarin. This will be my address:

Sister Jennifer Rose Bement
2007 N 900 E Unit   7
Provo UT 84602

For the rest of my mission you can send letters/packages here:

Sister Jennifer Rose Bement
England Manchester mission
Springwood, Suite G5
Booths Park, Chelford Rd,
Knutsford, WA16 8GS
England, United Kingdom

Email me here:

OR keep up with this blog where updates and letters will be posted.

I've been so humbled by all the encouragement and support I have received since deciding to be a missionary. Thank you so much for that (and thank you to Elisa for being willing to keep up this blog and other social media accounts)!

Also, if you have any questions about Mormons, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or missionaries, check out these websites.

God be with you 'til we meet again!

Sister Jennifer Bement


  1. Love you Jenni, you will be awesome Missionary. Just recently we had an opportunity to have sister missionaries over, we always had elders, and we decided sister missionaries rock. They have a different way of looking at things, I think they connect with people better. Our prayers are with you. Til we meet again, God speed.

  2. I love you, Jenni, you are awesome. I am very glad to learn that your sister will be keeping us up to date on your doings. What a blessing for us!